01. Brambles - Arête
intro theme

02. Owl City - Bird With A Broken Wing
It feels like I'm a lone survivor
Forgotten in a dark and deadly world
And on my own I walk alone
To see the sun again I'd give anything

03. Mika - Feels Like Love
Is this how it is
After just one kiss
Did you really think
That I invented this
Was it you - or me
Or the mess we made
Did we crash too hard
That's the risk we take

04. Sia - Fist Fighting a Sandstorm
I was hurting, I couldn't let go, I couldn't leave you
And I told myself, though it was hell, that we'd push through
But I was never in control

05. Laleh - Colors
And if I ever stop believing in me
I know I always can believe in you.
Just because it's black in the dark
Doesn't mean there's no color

06. Luschka & neko - Everything Has Changed
And all my walls stood tall,
Painted blue
I'll take ‘em down, take ‘em down
And open up the door for you

07. Acid House Kings - This Love Is All We Need
It seems so much better now
The skies all turned blue from grey
Everything I thought I missed
Just slipped away
This feeling will stay

08. Kevin Kern - Endless Blue Sky
outro theme

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